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double helical gear


Double Helical Gear

A combination of left-handed and right-handed helical gears with the same twist angle is called a double helical gear. Double helical gears transmit rotational motion between two parallel shafts.

Double helical gears have all of the advantages of helical gears, which are strong and quiet, plus have the advantage of being able to cancel the thrust forces by combining helical gears with both right and left hand twists. On the other hand, they have the disadvantage of being difficult to manufacture.

Double helical gears and herringbone gears are the same type of gear, but those with a groove in the center are called double helical gears, while those without a groove where the left and right teeth meet in the center, are called herringbone gears.

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Double helical gears have a cylindrical shape. They comprise two segments of teeth, left hand and right hand and function through their simultaneous engagement with exactly identically arranged teeth of the mating gear. As two gears are utilized thrust loading is done away with and the thrust load gets totally balanced.

This necessitates one member to be able to float axially. However, it has to be ensured that there exists a proper alignment and input of adequate lubrication so that the possibility of all shaft couplings generating large thrust loads does not occur.

double helical gear

helical gears can be called a refined version of the spur

In helical gears the teeth are angled to the gear axis rather than being parallel as in the case of spur gears. They run noiselessly and smoothly and do not vibrate while functioning. Load is spread evenly over the teeth and this contributes towards reducing the wear and tear of the gears. However, the gears are exposed to axial thrust which can be corrected by using special lubricant and thrust bearings.


Advantages of Double Helical Gears

Among them helical gearbox and helical gears are empowered to function smoothly without generating noise as in case of spur gears. Helical gearscan run noiselesslybecause of theirangled teeth that look like part of a helix. The gears are cylindrical gears which do not have their teeth parallel to the rotational axis


Smooth operation is guaranteed due to the gradual engagement of the angled teeth of helical gears as compared to those of spur gears.


Helical gearboxes and helical gears are long lasting and most suited for applications involving high loads.


It is able to conduct power and motion between right angle or parallel shafts.


Wear and tear is reduced due to load distribution between numerous teeth.

Advantageous factors

Double Helical Gear

These gears incorporate the advantages of single helical gears as well as eliminate the thrust loads that are generated internally. This aspect becomes a crucial factor for lowering power losses in extremely high speed units. The advantageous factors include a similar smoothness and noiseless working as in single helical gears.

An effective and effortless transfer of motion and torque takes place at quite high rotational velocities. More power with regard to contact of the teeth and sideway force elimination can be obtained in Double helical gears.


Applications of Helical Gears

Most of the reputed geared motor dealers advise using helical gears in applications requiring heavy load efficiencies and noiseless functioning in automotive applications.The gears are a common feature in transmissions. Some of the industries where the helical gears are commonly used are:


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