Hard Face Gear Precision Involute Double Helical Gears


A combination of left-handed and right-handed helical gears with the same twist angle is called a double helical gear. Double helical gears transmit rotational motion between two parallel shafts.

Double helical gears have all of the advantages of helical gears, which are strong and quiet, plus have the advantage of being able to cancel the thrust forces by combining helical gears with both right and left hand twists. On the other hand, they have the disadvantage of being difficult to manufacture.

Products such as :high precision grinding gear, spur gear, helical gear, worm gear, synchronous belt pulley, sprocket, rack, and other precision
mechanical transmission parts.

Widely used in: cars, electric locks, lighting, electric toothbrush, shredder, copier, robots, cameras, electronic instruments,beauty massage equipment, automatic curtains, toys, sanitary ware, medical and other transmission equipment.

High quality material,fine work,high hardness
High prescision,rich processing experience